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Summer Rest

One of the things I really like in our country is driving on the highway. Just last week I drove to Cincinnati to pick up my niece, Jennifer, who is returning to India after two years. Accompanied by my brother, Bob, I drove early morning on Friday and returned late that evening. Whenever I drive on the highway, I love to set my car on cruise control and sit back. Most often I am listening to music in my car. I noticed that practically every car was passing me. So many motorists were in such a hurry. I am sure some of them were annoyed that I was driving too slowly. Then a thought hit me. So many times we live just as we drive. We seem to be rushing from one place to another, from one activity to another, with scant time or energy to reflect on more important issues. We miss enjoying the drive. We fail to notice the scenery.

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Last week I saw a news story that really moved me. Mary Daniel, 57, took a part-time job as a dishwasher at RoseCastle in Jacksonville, FL, not because she needed the money. Her husband of many years was at that facility and this was the only way she could see him.  After scrubbing dishes and mopping floors, she can steal a few precious hours with her husband, Steve, who has Alzheimer’s. “It didn’t matter what I had to do to get there,” said Mary.  “I was willing to do whatever it took to fulfill my promise that I was going to be there for him every step of the way.”

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The one common grievance that I hear from many younger and older parents is that they have no time. We are all over-stretched. We do not have the time even to do the things that we cannot neglect.

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