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Mary, Model of Intercessory Prayer

As we are coming to the end of the month of May, our thoughts inevitably focus on our Blessed Mother. While He was about to leave this world, the Master gave Mary to us as His parting gift. She is not only our mother and patroness; she is also our model. She can teach us how we can live the Gospel and conform ourselves to the image of Christ. In particular, she can help us become men and women of prayer. In this column, I would like to propose Mary as the model of one type of prayer.

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Fear of the Lord

Why is that even this raging virus cannot put a stop to the killing that goes on around our nation and especially here in Chicago? A couple of weeks ago we were shocked by the news of another mass killing, this time in Canada. Eighteen individuals were murdered in cold blood. Whenever I read such crime stories many questions arise in my heart. How is anyone capable of perpetrating such horrible crimes? Do those criminals have a conscience? Do they believe in a God before Whom they will have to stand in judgment some day? Do they have any fear of God at all?

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The New Normal

These days re-opening and returning to normal are on our minds. When can we go back to our lives? What will the normal look like? Will it be really normal? These are the questions that captivate not only the average citizen but also those in power. If these days of stay-home order have been so unsettling and unfamiliar, the “normal” seems to be a bigger unknown.

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Who is Fr. Britto?

Born in India to deeply-committed Catholic parents, Fr Britto is one of seven children. He joined the Salesians of Don Bosco as a young man and was ordained a priest in 1981.

After he completed his priestly formation and his early education in India, he came to the US for his graduate degree in Journalism at...Read more...

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