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Blessed Newman

Every year, just before the Feast of All Souls the Church celebrates the memory of saints who have not been raised to the honors of the altar. These are the unsung heroes of our faith – our parents, friends, relatives and others – who have lived the Gospel in their daily lives. With this feast the Church wants to remind us that holiness is within our reach and that it comes in several different forms.

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Pilgrimage to Rome

From the earliest days of Christianity going on pilgrimages has been a laudable and sacred undertaking. Even in other religions the faithful brave the hardships of travel so that they may obtain forgiveness for their sins. Observant Muslims go to Mecca for that purpose and so do Hindus to the River Ganges. The purpose of a pilgrimage is not merely to see some sacred places but to recommit oneself to one’s faith.

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Why Sunday Mass

Every year in the month of October the archdiocese asks all the parishes to count the number of people who come to Mass on Sunday. I am always a little nervous about the “October Count” because it gives us a clear indication of the level of participation of our parishioners. Just a few weeks ago the number of registered families in our parish crossed 5,000. Even though we are probably the second largest parish in the archdiocese, I wonder how many do come to Mass on a regular basis. It is not enough that we have so many people as part of our parish. They should be active members.

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Who is Fr. Britto?

Born in India to deeply-committed Catholic parents, Fr Britto is one of seven children. He joined the Salesians of Don Bosco as a young man and was ordained a priest in 1981.

After he completed his priestly formation and his early education in India, he came to the US for his graduate degree in Journalism at...Read more...

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