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Parish News & Information

Lenten Series: Jerusalem, My Destiny

Jerusalem: My Destiny

February 26, March 5, March 12, & March 19

9:30 a.m.  &  7:30 p.m. (evening session will repeat morning session)

Kinane Center

Session I: Monday, February 26

The Theology of the Cross

All of us have asked these questions many times: “Why is there so much suffering? Why do good people suffer?” We can understand our suffering only against the backdrop of the Cross. Jesus took up the Cross out of love for us and through His suffering and death redeemed us. Fr. Britto will help us understand how we too can make our crosses redemptive.


Session II: Monday, March 5

The True Cross of Jerusalem

We probably have wondered whether the Cross on which Jesus was crucified got lost. According to tradition, St Helen, the mother of the Emperor Constantine, went to Jerusalem and retrieved the true Cross as well as other relics of Christ’s passion. Using the video, “Quest for the True Cross”, Deacon Bob will lead us into the intriguing story of this significant symbol of our Faith.


Session III: Monday, March 12

The Cross & The Gospel

All the four Gospels dedicate major portions of their writing to the last week of Jesus’ earthly life. For the Early Christians the suffering, death and resurrection constitute the core of the redemptive work of the Lord. Fr. Matthew will walk us through the passion narratives of the four Gospels and help us to appreciate the extent to which the Son of God went to redeem us.


Session IV: Monday, March 19

The Man on the Cloth: The Shroud of Turin

According to Jewish tradition, the dead body of Jesus was wrapped in a huge linen cloth as it was prepared for burial. This cloth apparently makes its appearance a few centuries after the death of Jesus. The image of a beaten and bleeding man appears on the cloth with bodily wounds that seem to correspond exactly to what are described in the Passion narratives. Is the Shroud of Turin a forgery by a medieval artist? Or is it another confirmation of the Christian Story? Join Fr. Britto in exploring these questions.

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