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Parish News & Information

2018 Lenten Almsgiving

We are partnering with Catholic Extension for our Lenten Almsgiving Project to help our

brothers and sisters in need at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in the Diocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

This Lent we are partnering with Catholic Extension to help the needs of our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. The funds raised will be used to help Our Lady of the Rosary Parish get back on their feet, help them help their church and lives.

When Bishop Eusebio Ramos of Caguas, Puerto Rico, finally reached a working phone line after surviving the devastating destruction of Hurricane Maria, the first call he made was to Catholic Extension. He asked for prayers and support from all American fellow Catholics. 

At about the same time, Catholic Extension also received an email whose subject line read, “WE WILL RISE!” The message was from San Juan Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez and asked for help to “lift our diocesan infrastructure and support the parishes with the biggest damage.”

Most of the places hit hardest by the recent series of horrible hurricanes are in poor dioceses. These dioceses have been struggling to keep things going in extreme circumstances.

The Catholic Church in Puerto Rico is facing two pressing issues: 

  • Keeping churches and schools running without having any sources of income for the foreseeable future-paying staff, keeping the lights on and maintaining operations.
  • Dealing with the humanitarian crisis, which includes providing people with food, water, and shelter.

Your generous donations will help Our Lady of the Rosary rebuild and repair their church that was damaged by Hurricane Maria. Please prayerfully consider a donation to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

Our Lady of the Rosary Wish List

New Altar $5,000
Repairs to the Parish entrance $3,500
New chalice and communion plates $1,000
New vestments and linens for Mass $ 800
1 New church pew $ 600
1 Portable power generator to bring electricity $ 160
1 New Mass book $ 80
1 Bag of groceries to feed a family of the parish $ 35
1 Case of water $ 18


About Catholic Exchange

Catholic Extension builds churches and the Church in America’s poorest places. Since 1905, Chicago-based Catholic Extension has been building up and strengthening Catholic faith communities across America by providing funding and resources to poor churches to unleash the transformative power of faith. We raise funds to help these poor, forgotten and often isolated communities flourish.

  • We invest in buildings by supporting the construction and renovation of churches and church facilities.
  • We invest in leaders for the Church by providing education, training and support to seminarians, priests, sisters, deacons and lay leaders.
  • We invest in ministries by supporting pastoral, youth, young adult, campus and outreach ministries, Catholic schools, and religious education.

Catholic Extension is a papal society that is answering Pope Francis’ call to go out to America’s “peripheries.” Since its founding, Catholic Extension has distributed more than $1.2 billion in today’s dollars to dioceses that cannot support themselves. Catholic Extension supports all 6 dioceses on the island. We have been providing $100M in support there for 112-years, and built 1,400 churches throughout the island.


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