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Fire Trucks on Parade

Presented by the Park Ridge Historical Society and Stroll Park Ridge magazine


This year’s Fire Trucks on Parade exhibit is Park Ridge’s fifth temporary public art exhibit. The fire truck image was selected in honor of the 1934 Pirsch Fire Truck that has been purchased by the Park Ridge Historical Society. The Pirsch Fire Truck served the City of Park Ridge for many years until it had to be replaced with more modern equipment to better serve our growing city. This is a piece of Park Ridge history that will be treasured for years to come. The truck appeared in this May’s Memorial Day Parade and there are plans to make it visible at many public events in the years ahead.



There are 10 mini fire trucks that were fabricated of fiberglass. Each has been painted with a particular theme and has been placed in a prominent spot so that they are easy to find. Each truck presents a significant historical fact or message, so that as you STROLL around town, you will learn some interesting bits of local history. A QR Code has been affixed to each truck that shows where the other trucks are located. It’s time to STROLL around town and go on a “treasure hunt!”

Take a STROLL down Northwest Highway from the Pickwick and visit the Fire Truck at St. Paul of the Cross Church. Sponsored by Resurrection High School and painted by Jill Pinsky, the Fire Truck reminds us of the Roman Catholic saint that once walked our streets. St. Frances Cabrini was sent to America by the Pope to work with immigrants who were struggling in their new country. She traveled the country founding schools and hospitals and settled in Chicago. She founded Assumption School, Columbus Hospital as well as orphanages for immigrant children. 

Some years later, sensing a threat of wartime shortages due to WWI, she bought a 102 acre farm in northwest Park Ridge so that fresh vegetables could be delivered to her hospitals. Present-day Northwest Park appears to be within the confines of her farm.

When she visited her farm, she often stopped at the nearby mission church on Northwest Highway called St. Paul of the Cross. The original wood frame building that she visited, built as a mission church by the Passionist priests, was replaced in the 1950s with a larger brick building. 

In 1946, Mother Cabrini became the first American citizen to be canonized a saint of the Catholic Church. In 1950, she was proclaimed Universal Patroness of Immigrants because of her efforts to help immigrants around the world.

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