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Apostolate of Women Message

As we have all been reflecting on our lives, our focus points, and our activities we are involved with, many have asked how they can get more involved with the Apostolate of Women (AOW). Because of that, there have been many discussions to determine the reenergized structure of the AOW. The feedback and discussions involved the AOW Governing Board, Father James, AOW guild chairs, various parish women/guild members and a focus group open to all SPC women in November.


The discussions were passion-filled and encouraging. Thank you for your open and candid feedback! A culmination of those ideas is summarized below:


  • The AOW Women’s Group will have a governing board and three main pillars: Spiritual, Service and Social. There will be a lead of each pillar with activity groups under each. Below are some examples of what these activities may be:
Spiritual Pillar:

Women’s Retreat, AOW Mass, Rosary Meditation

Service Pillar:

Food Pantry, Sunday Suppers, Rectory Christmas Decorating

Social Pillar:

Fish Fry, Speaker Series, Bunco


  • AOW members can be on pillar committees or activity groups or just attend the events. The level of your involvement is your choice. These groups will allow you to collaborate and connect more intimately with a targeted focus. They will also have the ability to leverage the amazing women of the AOW for support and assistance with the various activities.


  • We will hold an open AOW Spring Speaker Social to clarify our vision, get inspired and reconnect with everyone. This will also be an opportunity to volunteer to lead a pillar or activity group.

This will be great for many who have wanted to get more involved and be a part of our newly energized AOW. Start thinking about where you’d like to help make a difference!

If you know of an engaging and inspiring speaker for this event, we’d love to hear your ideas! Please send them to


  • Many have also asked about the future of existing guilds. The existing guilds may remain active as they are today if they choose. If the guild members prefer (since some guilds have become dormant), they have the option of folding into the AOW starting in the fall of 2022.


  • The AOW Women’s Group also has the exciting opportunity available for our Communication Chairperson. Responsibilities include communicating through email, the church bulletin, and social media. If you’re interested or want to learn more, send us a message at


We are excited about this reenergized new structure of the AOW Women’s Group, and we are thankful to all those who shared their feedback and support of these ideas.


Look for more information on our Spring Speaker Social coming soon!


Thank you again,


Jessica Armour and Melissa Poindexter,

AOW Co-Presidents

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