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Catechetical Sunday: Sep 17th

Sunday, September 17th is Catechetical Sunday – a day to celebrate the role our catechists play in handing on the faith to our children.


“The future is in your hearts and in your hands.

God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with Him in the building of the civilization of love.”

- St. John Paul II


We are so blessed here at St. Paul’s to have such a wonderful Catechesis program! As I write this, we have over 750 Catechesis students with registrations still flowing in! Our program size wouldn’t be possible without all the volunteers we have – the Coordinators, Hall Monitors, Catechists, and Aides – they are all wonderful!


Kris Ackeret ~ Margie Alicea ~ Bonnie Ashbeck ~ Patty Bacci ~ Bridget Barrett ~ Kaitlyn Brown ~ Tracy Caronia

Roy Carvatta ~ Elizabeth Cataudella ~ Mira Cechova ~ Camille Cedeno ~ Ella Cedeno ~ Kathy Clemmensen

 Sue Coogan ~ Jim Corcoran ~ Lucas Cosma ~ Olivia DeLuca ~ Michael DeSantis ~ Angela DeVinney

Lina Di Vito ~ Emma Donohue ~ Brianna Giustino ~ Dina Giustino ~ Charlotte Hartung ~ Amy Hill

Celene Jaconetti ~ Kathy Jarosch ~ Livia Jolineau ~ Mia Jolineau ~ Jamie Kemper ~ Kathryn Kinnavy

Sarah Kosiorek ~ Laura Lewis ~ Liana Madura ~ Lisa McCall ~ Alexis Migon ~ Amanda Moressi

Lorena O’Doherty ~ Tom O’Doherty ~ Maria Parrillo ~ Sylvia Pasier ~ Dan Pietroske ~ Joe Pinter ~ Mary Poole

Kerri Reuter ~ Deirdre Rotenberry ~ Lisanne Roth ~ Daniel Ruane ~ Debbie Russo ~ Nicole Rybaltowski

Amy Schoenstene ~ Lisa Singer ~ Tammy Smarsh ~ Annette Spirczak ~ Heidi Spychalski ~ Addison Stach

Eva Stachowicz ~ Izabella Stachowicz ~ Marlene Stankiewicz ~ Mary Tierney ~ Shannon Uzemack

Alaina Valasek ~ Carol Welton ~ Jim Wolinski ~ Tania Wygonowski ~ Andrew Zimmermann ~ Tommy Zimmermann


Please pray for our Catechists (and our students) for a successful and faith-filled year!


Loving Father, pour forth your Holy Spirit upon all catechists

that they might become living instruments of your Word to others.

Help them to be faithful witnesses to Gospel life

so that your Church may become ever more alive.

Let the fire of your love so enkindle their hearts

that they may be instruments of drawing others to love of you.


(adapted from A Catechist’s Prayer, USCCB)


Peace and Blessings,

Anna Mae Parkhill

Director of Catechesis


 Above: Opening Day - September 25, 2023


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