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First Holy Communions

Moments Packed with Love

Whenever I see old photos, I wonder about the people looking into the camera. Who are they? What are they thinking? What have their experiences been? Photos make me imagine how my story connects with theirs. First Communion photos capture children and families in the sacred moment between God and humanity. Their faces tell of hopes, dreams, fears, and faith. How do these lives connect with ours? It has been a blessing for me to have planned and witnessed the First Communions at St Paul’s. I am touched by the families as they come forward offering once again to God as they did in Baptism one of the persons they prize most. These highly charged emotional moments mark our journey through this life. The road we travel is unknown, both joyous and sad, and it’s everything that Jesus offers Himself to us in Eucharist comforting us and challenging us. Jesus walks with us and in us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

We are never alone. We are all united in Christ in the truth and beauty of Eucharist. Whether looking into the photos from past Communions or those that happened this May, I realize that beyond the differences in our lives the one truth that endures and unites us for all eternity is love. There is no separation of time in God. God’s love being offered to us in His life, death, and resurrection, and our response to that love with our life and love is the eternal dance. Only love matters and endures. Everything else about our lives is footnotes. Our tradition of Eucharist is our source and summit of the Catholic life. It plugs us into Jesus and connects us to all that have gone before us in unity with God and each other. Jesus’s invitation to the banquet forms our identity individually and corporately. It tells us who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. 

Anna Mae Parkhill
Director of Catechesis


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