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Parish News & Information

Pray for Our Confirmandi

Please pray for our parish’s Confirmandi as they continue on their journey towards Confirmation. Over the next two weeks, our Confirmandi will be choosing one of four different dates to attend a Confirmation Retreat. A nationally recognized leader in Catholic retreats, NET Ministries, will run these retreats. NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church.



I pray for the GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE for you:

That you may be smart about yourself and others,

that your vision will be 20/20 about life,

and that God will touch your heart.

I pray for the GIFT OF UNDERSTANDING for you:

That you will be able to untie the knots of life,

that you will be non-judgmental,

and that God will expand your heart to love and care as God does.

I pray for the GIFT OF WISDOM for you:

To catch on to the mystery and truth of life and to find God

in the restless, empty, quiet, or crowded moments.

 I pray for the GIFT OF COURAGE for you:

That as you walk in this world, you feel prepared

and that you might give God all your questions, struggles, hurts, and disappointments.

 I pray for the GIFT OF PIETY for you:

That you will know a reverence and respect for everything

and a piety that will teach you to pray, to forgive, and to build a relationship with God.

 I pray for the GIFTS OF WONDER AND AWE (Fear of the Lord) for you:

That your attitude toward God is open, humble, and hopeful,

and that you are always enthusiastic about God’s presence.

 I pray for the GIFT OF COUNSEL for you:

That you will seek help when you need it

and give help when others need it.

I pray that this gift helps you make morally good choices that are healthy for your life.

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