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Parish News & Information

Renew My Church

A Call to Rebuild

To address the challenges of our time, we are called by Jesus to rebuild. Renew My Church is a vision and strategic plan guiding our response to this call for renewal. This spiritual revitalization will reclaim what is most central and sacred to our faith and breathe new life into our methods of sharing the Gospel. In this way, we can provide people a Church and a home for their faith that is marked by more faithful discipleship, a loving community, and an inspired source for witness so that those for whom we pray are brought home to a Church that is marked by greater discipleship, loving community, and inspiring witness. Learn more at

Click here to read an announcement letter from Fr. Britto and the priests in our grouping regarding Renew My Church



As you are aware, Renew My Church is an initiative of the Archdiocese to invigorate the spiritual experience and maximize the resources in each of its churches. The Archdiocese has grouped St. Paul of the Cross with five other parishes:  Mary Seat of Wisdom, Our Lady of Ransom, Our Lady of Hope, St. Juliana and Immaculate Conception. On January 26, 2021, representatives of each parish along with each pastor, met to discuss the process. No decisions have been made.  Future meetings will be held over the next several weeks to discern how to maximize both structural and spiritual vitality in our grouping. Parish input will be welcomed as the path becomes clearer.



On February 9, 2021, the  parish grouping of St. Paul of the Cross, St. Juliana, Immaculate Conception, Mary Seat of Wisdom, Our Lady of Ransom, and Our Lady of Hope met via Zoom with the Archdiocese facilitator. Our parish grouping has been named the O'Hare Neighborhood Group. None of the six parishes in our group will close its church. Continued discernment is ongoing to discuss various potential ways in which ministries might be shared. As more information is available, further updates will be forthcoming.


MARCH 9, 2021 UPDATE: 

A mee􀆟ng was held on March 9, 2021 with theA mee􀆟ng was held on March 9, 2021 with theO'Hare Neighborhood Renew My Church Grouping(St. Paul of the Cross, Immaculate Concep􀆟on,St. Juliana, Mary Seat of Wisdom, Our Lady ofRansom, and Our Lady of Hope). The discernmentprocess con􀆟nues with open discussion of structuralchanges for some and spiritual sharing strategies forothers. This process is both 􀆟me and thoughtintensive. To date, no decisions have been made.We will con􀆟nue to keep you updated.


APRIL 13, 2021 UPDATE: 

The O'Hare Neighborhood Grouping for Renew My Church (St. Paul of the Cross, St. Juliana, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Ransom, Mary Seat of Wisdom, and Our Lady of Hope) met on April 13, 2021 to complete its discernment process. Cardinal Cupich will advise regarding his decision on May 12, 2021. Once we receive any further information, we will advise.


May 12, 2021 UPDATE:

Please click here to read the Archdiocesan communication regarding the May 12th Renew My Church update for the O'Hare Neighborhood Group.  

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