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2020 Lenten Almsgiving

You can make a big difference by helping the Purépecha indigenous community in Mecca, CA build a church

This Lent, we are partnering with Catholic Extension to help build a church for our brothers and sisters in the North Shore Community in the Diocese of San Bernardino, CA. Your efforts will assist and sustain this parish so that they can continue their spiritual works of mercy and serve this growing community.

This community currently gathers for Mass outside a nearby grocery store every other Tuesday evening. Attending Mass can get uncomfortably hot in the summer months when temperatures reach up to 120 degrees. The nearest Catholic Church is 10 miles away, but it’s difficult to access since many in the community don’t drive. It’s hard to take the bus, because it arrives every three hours. These are just some of the conditions they’ve had to endure in order to practice their Catholic faith.

The community is mostly made up of indigenous Purépechas, who have their own language and customs. Many Purépechas in the region work in the fields where they harvest limes and other vegetables, and they live in mobile home parks and other communities in the rural region. At least 90 percent of the Purépecha community is Roman Catholic, but they are not being adequately ministered to because they live in the farther reaches of the valley. Conchita Pozar, a mom, community activist, and Purépecha leader, said, “Thanks to the help of the Sisters of the Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit, we realize that we need a Church in this area. We need a real place of God here so we can pray.”

With help from the Sisters of the Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit, the community is hoping to fundraise enough to build a church where they can pray and host events free from the heat and winds. Let’s support this community and partner with them to build a proper place to celebrate Mass, and preserve and grow the Catholic faith in that area. 

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